LQ in The Mirror | “Collagen is the one supplement I will now never live without.”

We were recently featured in 'The Mirror' by reviews editor Stacey Dutton.

Stacey gave us a review that’s almost as glowing as her post-collagen skin:

The Mirror editor, Stacey Dutton, with glowing skin after taking collagen


“I have trialled the LQ Collagen Powder the last couple of months prior to summer for around three years... and I'm yet to find a better supplement for my hair, nails and skin. Particularly, my skin is always literally glowing after just a handful of the powdered drinks.
All that is required is a scoop of passionfruit flavoured powder in a glass of water every morning before you put the kettle on for your morning brew and it's quite honestly a game changer.
My skin feels and looks noticeably clearer and brighter, my hair is fuller and my nails are growing like the speed of light! To put it into perspective, I have worn acrylic nails for nearly ten years and the last three months have only had builder gels and my nails are so much stronger. I really have seen a massive difference already.”

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