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Fast delivery

Very good product taking it for few years. LQ gives the best quality and taste.

Love LQ

I have found a big difference in my hair and skin , drank it every morning, and took about a month before I noticed a difference. Now a big part of my beauty routine .

These are really useful for me

My skin get smooths and not that dry anymore. ITs a very good product.

LQ Skin, Hair & Nails Collagen Liquid Shots (25ml)

Poor service- out of date product

Would not recommend. Out of date item sent and no response to my emails. Dont waste your money.

LQ Skin, Hair & Nails Collagen Powder

Products months past Best Before Date

I have used this product for some time and really rate it. However, I was hugely disappointed with my recent purchase which was several months past its best before date. Customer services has not replied to my complaint. Would not purchase from here again.



Love ❤️

I honestly wont be without lq collagen it has transformed my skin I always make sure I never run out

Have used this for about 4 years

This product does help, however I no longer like the cherry flavour they need to come out with other flavours but nothing that is too strong or sickly needs to be a bit more natural tasting

Great tasting collagen daily shot (passion fruit).

LQ Joint Care Liquid Shots attractive offer!

VEry good offer followed by efficient delivery

Absolutely love LQ collagen

It works for me

I’ve bought 2 so far and have seen a difference


I don’t think I’ve been taking it long enough to notice a difference but I like the concept and the look of the ingredients. Not the best taste but it is pallatable.

Order not as was

I ordered what I thought was a tire ninth supply. Received order that was twit months. Great reply. Re did order as big was a mess. Asked that I received three month supply but although I did they replaced order but again for two months. I asked to upgrade to the month supply. This didn’t happen but they tied with order. Used to be really good still are not not getting it x

5,000 both 10,000

Thought the bottle was 10,000mg but was only 5,000mg. Will try bigger bottles but v expensive.
10,000 is the optimal amount and I’ve read that anything less will be ineffective but I’m more than happy to be proven wrong