Skin, Hair & Nails

We have a product for everyone from those new to collagen, to those who have tried it, to those on budget and those looking for conveniance.

Do you want the most collagen per serving?

Our Skin, Hair & Nails powder offers the most collagen per serving. With 10,000mg of marine collage per serving.


If you would like to take your collagen boost on the go, our easy to consume liquid shot is the best product. With 5,000mg and 100% of the daily vitamin C, it is a great option for many.

Trying it out

If you are looking to try collagen for the first time, our 25ml liquid shots offer a great introduction. With 1,500mg of collagen and 50% of the the daily recomended about of vitamin C, its a good place to start. The strength can also be upgraded later.